Thank you and your staff for a very pleasurable appointment this morning. I was pleased to see you have expanded your office to include a Weight loss program in conjunction with the other areas of your expertise.

Since, I’ve been a patient of your for well over two years, you have guided me how medicine maintenance in conjunction with other ideas, such as weight loss, exercise, positive attitude and about how all these things have to work together to ensure long term health solutions.

This, overall is low cost solution overtime versus a major impact of cost in the future for something that could have been detected early and treated with minimum expense. More important is that the emphasis on “quality of life” is achieved by feeling good.

Again, thank you and your staff for taking care of me. I would highly recommend your office to any one needing professional medical assistance or treatment.


I love the way she will take the time to explain what’s going on and answer my questions with patience. The staff as a whole has been both very kind and professional. -Jane

Dear Dr. Naeem When I came in last summer I was very discouraged with my inability to keep my weight down! You suggested I try the lap-band surgery. It took a year but, I got it done! I have already lost 30 pounds. It is life changing. Thank You for your encouragement and prompting!


Doctor Luna Naeem, I first met her four years ago. My first impression was – a very pretty lady. She cared for my wife and myself with caring, empathy and understanding of our problems. My first impression of her is that from then on, she’s the only doctor for me. She’s a credit to the medical profession.

Dear Dr. Naeem:
This note is written as a thank you for all you have done to help rejuvenate my face, and journey! Amazingly in the past month I have received so many non solicited compliments. Many acquaintances and strangers have commented on how young I look.

They remark for instance that I look “too young to have teenagers’. I am enjoying this new feeling I have. Believe you me in the last number of years I had not received these type of compliments. Most of all thanking you for understanding and for hearing me. You are definitely an active listener.

You are gifted, and hence a Blessing to many. I have had pretty serious and disfiguring cystic acne since I was 13 years old. This left permanent scarring. Not so permanent after all- thanks to you. As my Primary Doctor, your treatment of me has made so much difference.

I can not even begin to express how much in words. For one thing I am humbled. I now (over the last month) have witnessed and do better comprehend how individuals approach another; first through the physical – outer layer. Then and only then do they get close enough to see ones spirit shine. The bonus for me is that my spirit is shining brighter thanked to your treatment.

I am Blessed to have been referred to you by Dr. Terri Drogan. This words expressed in this here note do not do the reality of my changed experience Thank you and many Blessings to you and yours; you most definitely deserve best. -Mrs. Buchalski

When I came to see Dr. Naeem I had dark spots starting to appear, white heads, and dark circles under my eyes. Using Dr. Naeem’s products has made a huge difference. Especially the Ultra firming Eye Cream, it is great! I had the Jpeel done twice, it is a great treatment. My skin is softer and the dark spots are starting to diminish. It’s been a gradual improvement, and that is great. The products work and are worth my time and money. – Mrs. Selvarajoo

Dr. Naeem is an amazing doctor who spends the time necessary to make a proper diagnosis. She is personable, kind, professional, and caring. I can comfortably talk about my medical concerns. My husband and I are very pleased with Dr. Naeem and her nice, professional staff. -Mrs. Rhodes

My frown lines always bothered me because in my field of business, I have constant face to face interactions. Thanks to Dr. Naeem, I look great!

I decided to have Botox and Fillers done because I was feeling I looked older than I really felt. Before I had the procedure done, I was a little apprehensive if it would really be worth it, or if I would see improvement. I am elated! I look great! It was the best thing I have ever had done for myself. The difference in my face is like night and day. Dr. Naeem did the best job and it was not even painful! I am so excited! I wish I had done this years ago. – Donna

My experience at this office has been exceptionally good. Dr. Naeem is competent,compassionate, most knowledgeable physician who explains everything to you patiently and in great detail but yet in a manner that the layman can understand. The staff here are kind, courteous, and helpful.Everyone seems to genuinely care about you, a rare quality indeed these days. -Levi

My lines around my mouth were really deep. After several discussion with Doctor Naeem, I decided to get them filled. I only told my best friend about this. She was so amazed about the difference that she is now considering getting her lines filled. It has taken years off and people that I have seen in a while are amazed and always let me know how young I look. – Sofie